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NINTENDO (by Marx McNeill and Ed Rivera)

19th Dec 2015, 6:04 PM
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NINTENDO (by Marx McNeill and Ed Rivera)
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Author Notes:

Marx Marvelous 19th Dec 2015, 6:04 PM edit delete
Marx Marvelous
"NINTENDO" was created on August 23rd, 2014. This one is a bit odd, and for us, that's really saying something. Think of it like a David Lynch film, and keep in mind that Kirby has been sticking those drugs up his ass for a while prior to us being introduced to him and he's probably not actually Kirby just like his pal probably isn't actually a goomba; everything except panel 3 is more or less a hallucination. So, yeah... it's a little dark, too, I suppose.

Here's the order that the panels were made in:

1st- Marx/panel 2
2nd- Ed/panel 4
3rd- Marx/panel 5
4th- Ed/panel 3
5th- Marx/panel 6
6th- Ed/panel 1
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