A hilariously twisted, improvisational, multi-artist comic made out-of-order by people who are out of their minds.

[BLANK] (by Marx McNeill and Nate Crone)

15th Nov 2015, 8:08 PM
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[BLANK] (by Marx McNeill and Nate Crone)
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Author Notes:

Marx Marvelous 15th Nov 2015, 8:08 PM edit delete
Marx Marvelous
[BLANK] was created just yesterday, on November 14th, 2015. This emotionally evocative comic is unlike anything else we've ever done. It's easily our deepest and most poignant comic, and it's quite purposefully not funny. Epitomizing the true potential of improvisational art, [BLANK] is full of symbolism and hidden meaning that neither Nate nor I actually put into the comic; it all just comes from the reader's own mind. The reality behind this particular comic is that Nate did his first two panels and then passed it on to me saying, "I guess this one is a horror comic... maybe." My response, however, was that his first two panels reminded me of a Tool video, which he agreed with emphatically, so for the rest of the comic, it seems that we just followed through with that unique and grotesquely surrealistic vibe... with beautiful results.

Here's the order that the panels were made in:

1st- Nate/panels 4+8
2nd- Marx/panels 5+7
3rd- Nate/panels 6+9
4th- Marx/panels 2+11
5th- Nate/panels 3+12
6th- Marx/panels 1+10
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